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Liv Kristine will hit the stage again in a couple of days and as we did last year before MFVF we from Empire wanted to contact her in order to chat about some things, about how she feels at the moment, what she is working at right now and to evaluate her progress in life regarding many important aspects. More than just giving a standard interview, as many artists do in certain crucial periods of their career, Liv received us with the incredible affection and attention she has always brought to us. I need to remark that Liv and I have know each other for many years and that our relationship goes far beyond the typical journalist/ fan – artist relationship and that over the years we have become friends also in private life and that is why Liv often provides us with a lot of exclusive news. Nevertheless, I think I do not exaggerate if I write that the interview Liv gave us has been the richest in content so far responding to everything the fans need to know right now and it comes with two unreleased photos from her latest session with Stefan Heilemann. So right now no more talking….
By Marc Gutiérrez
Translate by Anna Finke

EMPIRE MAGAZINE (EM): It has been one year since our last interview and first of all I would like to ask you how you feel and if the “calm after the storm” has finally arrived.
Yes, I am so grateful towards all my friends, my dear families in Norway and Germany, my world-wide fans and fan clubs, who have given me all their support and love during extremely rough times. There was a deep crisis in my life, loosing Leaves’ Eyes, my private life taking a huge new turn, however, after every crisis there is freedom, opportunities, and relief. I actually am happier and stronger than ever. Moreover, I am ready for my next solo album.

EM: I suppose it has not been easy to reorganize your whole life after you left Leaves’ Eyes…
The sudden departure from my band hurt immensely. Especially because the concept of Leaves’ Eyes is mainly rooted in many aspects of my past, my birthplace, Norwegian nature, and Viking mythology. When I read my lyrics now, I see a deep, magic connection. The music was just perfect to optimize the message I wanted to give our fans out there. I wish the name would have stayed with me. Still I hope that all of you will remember «King of Kings», «Lovelorn» and all the other albums for the magic, aesthetics and artistic creativity Leaves’ Eyes actually represents.

EM: In December Liv Kristine will return to the stage after more than one year of absence. How do you feel about it? Nervous?
No, I am never nervous. Stage feels like home for me. The upcoming shows in Madrid and Lisbon mean a lot to me. My solo band-members support me in any way they can, even if we haven’t seen each other for approximately a year. The show in Nagold will be a completely new turn taken.

EM: In December you will be playing at the Madrid is the Dark festival in Madrid which is one of the best Doom Metal festivals in Europe and this concert will also be your first solo show in Spain ever. How do you feel with such an event ahead?
I am so happy that the promoters reached out to me. That setlist will be a brand new one. I will perform songs by Theatre of Tragedy, next to my own solo songs. Can’t wait to see Tiamat live again. It’s been a while since I met the guys.

Liv 2


On my setlist there are songs like «The Bonny Swans» (Loreena McKennith), «She Moved through the Fair» (Moya Brennan), «Nightshade» (Leaves’ Eyes)

EM: On the other hand you will also be in Lisbon where you will meet Lacuna Coil. On your first visit to Barcelona with Theatre of Tragedy you had Lacuna Coil as your opening act (apart from Beseech). What do you remember about this tour? How is you relationship to Cristina Scabbia?
I haven’t seen Cristina for a while! I can’t wait to exchange girls’ news with her over two glasses of wine…or maybe three, haha. To me Cristina is one of the most beautiful ladies in metal. Lacuna Coil is one of the few bands which have not kicked out their female singers, by the way.

EM: Nagold will be a “once in a lifetime” concert and will be completely different. Could you tell us what to expect? What about the setlist?
It will be an acoustic show in which I will be supported by Micki Richter (solo band) on strings, Elvya on hammered dulcimer, and Mike from Nagold on percussions. On my setlist there are songs that I have wanted to perform for a long time, like «The Bonny Swans» (Loreena McKennith), «She Moved through the Fair» (Moya Brennan), «Nightshade» (Leaves’ Eyes), including some of my own solo songs. It will be a very intimate and emotional show. Moreover, I will be there to meet and greet all of you.

Liv 4


I have been in close contact to the members of Theatre of Tragedy lately. It is all forgiven and I will meet the guys in December. Still there is nothing planned.

EM: Now I would like to ask you about your new album because last week you posted some new photos from your last session with Stefan Heilemann. Am I right in assuming that these photos as for your new album?
Yes, these photos are promotional pictures for the upcoming solo album. Stefan is my favorite photographer and there will be more photos coming up soon, especially since my image has changed a lot during the past year. He is always splendid at seeking and catching that special moment with his camera. Moreover, he knows me well. He knows what I want to show and reflect, namely, myself.

EM: Do you already have a release date for your new album?
The music has been composed in Norway and Berlin. It’s just up to me to finish the vocal lines and the lyrics. 2018 is my goal to release my new solo album.

EM: Which musical direction are you going to follow on your new album?
It will follow in the veins of «Vervain». Pure metal with a lot of soul and deep emotions. My lyrics say a lot about what life has brought to me in the last two years.

EM: The latest news about your new album were that Tommy Olsson was going to compose the music and that Raymond was going to be a special guest. Do you have news about the collaborations on that album? Another special guest?
Tommy has composed many of the songs on my new album. Raymond has left the music business. There will surely be a few guests. That will be confirmed soon.


EM: Some people dream of and ask me if a Theatre of Tragedy reunion might be possible even if it was just for a couple of shows. Would you like or even consider this possibility in this period of your life?
I have been in close contact to the members of Theatre of Tragedy lately. We have talked about what happened, and we have talked openly about the decisions that were taken, that caused the split. It is all forgiven, from both sides, and I will meet the guys in December. Still there is nothing planned.

EM: As you know I am in contact with your fan clubs from all over the world and the people from Liv Kristine Fans Assembly would like to know if you have plans to record and publish the concert in Nagold, maybe by means of a crowdfunding campaign…
Thank you so much! You have been an immense support and I appreciate all the work you have done. I am not sure yet, but I wish to record this show if financially doable.

EM: Moreover they ask if you have plans to write a book with all your lyrics and background stories about your songs and it seems that you have many things to tell…
I will, yes. I have a story of nearly 30 years to tell.

EM: The Sirens is a closed chapter but do you consider the possibility of bringing to life a similar project with other artists since Tarja Turunen is a friend of yours or maybe with your sister Carmen?
LK: I had an amazing time with the Sirens! In two weeks the recordings for Midnattsol will take place. I hope that future projects with Tarja can come into life. We are in touch. She is such a beautiful woman, with such a unique voice.

EM: Are you an official member of Midnattsol or just a special guest?
Only a special guest.

EM: I would like to close the interview asking you about your biggest wish for 2018.
To fall in love again.