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I still remember the moment I discovered Nirnaeth music. I’ve been including ‘Haudh ‘en’ Nirnaeth’ as an essential element of my records’ collection since then. I could agree that what Piotr Wójcik does may seem weird, unusual, but it touched my heart and took a deep toll on me. Now he returns, 24 years later, with ‘Nirnaeth Arnoediad’ to give continuity to his project. I had been waiting to face Piotr for many years, so this interview you have below means a lot to the subscriber of these lines, specially the answers more than the questions.

By Marc Gutiérrez

EMPIRE MAGAZINE (EM): Why did you change the band’s name from Araunthar to Nirnaeth?
Nirnaeth much better reflected the spirit of my music. Also I changed the name with changing style – Araunthar was 100% piano project, while changing the name, I also started to use synthesizers and music started to be more symphonic.

EM: You recorded ‘Nirnaeth arnoediad’ between 1996 and 1998. What had happen during all those 24 years? Why did you decide to reactivate your Nirnaeth career now?
Hm… Just a life. Finished university, started